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Broome Dog

Broome Dog

When Sam's dog 'Knuckles' escapes from the family's station wagon in Katherine, it's a long and hazardous trek back through the Kimberley to his home town in Broome.

My favourite childhood story was Eric Knight's Lassie Come Home. After travelling through the wonderful Kimberley region of North Western Australia I challenged myself to research then write an Australian lost dog story.

Published 1989 by Walter McVitty Books along with Scholastic. Illustrations by Arthur Boothroyd.
Published by Sjostrands Forlag, Stockholm 1991 as Hunden Fran Broome       
Published by The Jacaranda Press 1992.
Published by Castor Poche Flammarion 1993 as La longue marche de Cooky.

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Broome DogBroome Dog

Read more information on the Kimberley region of north-western Australia:


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