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Night Of The Muttonbirds

Night Of The Muttonbirds

Matthew's dreams of becoming a pilot are very different from the annual 'birding' with his family on the Bass Strait islands. Attending high school in Launceston is also a big challenge for him.

While living in Launceston, Tasmania, I became aware of the annual slaughter for commercial gain of the migratory 'mutton birds' [short tailed shearwaters] on the islands of Bass Strait. I am indebted to the late Dominic Serventy CSIRO for his help in providing an authentic background to this story.

Published 1981 by Methuen Australia. Illustrations by Robert Ingpen.
Republished 1992 by the HBJ Literary Resource. Illustrations by Kim Andrews.

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Night Of The MuttonbirdsNight Of The Muttonbirds

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