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The Monster Hole

The Monster Hole

Mr and Mrs Snottygobble have first a huge hole then an unwelcome monster in their garden.The Monster Hole

A rework of my original picture book The Enormous Hole to include a solution for the monster in the Scuttle's garden, I changed Scuttle to Snottygobble after being told there's an Australian Gebung tree known as a Snottygobble! I had to use this wonderful name!

Published 2003 by Penguin Puffin Books 'Aussie Nibbles' series.

This title is also available as an Audio Book from Bolinda Publishing.

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Read more about native Australian plants:

Interesting fact: Persoonia is a genus of 98 species in the plant family Proteaceae. All species are endemic to Australia, growing in the form of shrubs and small trees. In the eastern states of Australia, they are commonly named Geebungs, while in Western Australia and South Australia they go by the common name Snottygobbles.

The Persoonia are named in honour of Dutch mycologist and botanist Christiaan Hendrik Persoon.


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