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Tracey McBean
Teachers' Notes

The books listed are mainly suitable for mid to upper primary to early secondary levels.

Lennie's Ride.

TEXT TYPE: Historical recount
THEME: Australian History; The Great Depression; Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Links to CBCA Book Week 2010 Theme: across the story bridge.


Ipswich District Teacher Librarians Blackline master book 2010.

This website shows actual footage of the parade across the bridge with Lennie riding his horse. Plus other film clips and teaching notes about the opening of the bridge.

Country Cousin.

Theme. Australian History. Living in the Past.

  • The Literature Base. Oct 1991. Suggestions for activities.
  • Orana. Nov 1991. Historical Fiction. The emergence of a picture book.
  • Lu Rees Archives Notes, Books and Authors. Dec 1992. Working with an illustrator.

The Unknown Australian Soldier. (See ANZAC page)

Theme. World War 1/Remembrance Day. Australian War Memorial, Canberra.

  • Practically Primary (ALEA) Oct 2001. The future peacemakers... our children.
  • Lu Rees Archives Notes, Books and Authors. Dec 2001. Publishing Australian war history.
  • Reading Time. Feb 2003. To the future peacemakers.

Simpson and Duffy. (See ANZAC page)

Theme. Heroism in the time of danger on Gallipoli during WW1.
Package includes 32 page big book, 1 shelf book, teachers' manual on CD-Rom, narrated story and a set of 4 colour posters.

Feathered Soldiers. (See ANZAC page)

Theme. History.. Messenger pigeons used by the Australian soldiers during WW2 in New Guinea.
Package includes 32 page big book, 6 shelf books, classroom activities on CD-Rom.

seek! (See ANZAC page)

Theme. The role of specially trained 'tracker dogs' that served with the Australian army during the war in Vietnam. A valuable and informative book for both primary and secondary schools.

Catastrophe Cat.Illustration of a lady by Dee Huxley

Theme. Natural Disaster and loss. Cyclone Tracy hits Darwin 25th Dec. 1974.

Broome Dog.

Theme. Loss and Survival. Australian Outback... Kimberley region.

Grandfather's Tiger.

Theme. Coping with personal loss and presumed loss of the Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger)

Night of the Muttonbirds

Theme. Coping with life changes and responsibilities.

Tracey McBean and the Stretching Machine.

Theme. Creative thinking. Inventions. Links with Leonardo da Vinci.

The Monster Hole.

Theme. Imaginations running wild!


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