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Hi! This is my page!Illustrator Arthur Filloy with Mary Small

Mary was gardening when I jumped into her imagination and told her to write a story about me, the amazing inventor! So she did. It was really funny when she had to visit a hardware store and ask what would be needed for my stretching machine! Believe it or not, five publishers didn't like my story but the sixth one, HarperCollins did. Arthur Filloy drew the pictures and the book, published in 1989 was so popular it was reprinted four times, then later in 2001 by ABC Books.

Here I am in a photo with Arthur to the right. You can also view an illustration Arthur did of himself.

This is the best news of all! At the end of 1999 Southern Star Entertainment, the Sydney based film company told Mary they wanted to make me into a TV star! The rest is history! The first of my 26x12 min animated stories was shown on ABC Kids TV in 2002: a second series two years later after Southern Star in May 2003 won a silver Logie for 'the most outstanding childrens' program inMary at Southern Star with the precious silver Logie Australia' and in 2006 the third series. Altogether 78 episodes! Mary and I've been told that the films are shown in many countries of the world. Cool, eh? You can read the episode guides here.

Here's Mary at Southern Star with the precious silver Logie.

Leonardo da Vinci is my hero. He lived a long time ago but was the most amazing inventor. You'll find me featured in 'Inventions Weird and Wonderful', Jacaranda Press 1992.

Tracey McBean's Stretching Machine.Tracey McBean and the Stretching Machine

Tracey is really annoyed that Megan, her younger sister is taller than her. So, being an inventor she builds a stretching machine in their bedroom. Being in a garden is a wonderful place to start thinking of ideas for stories. Published 1989 by HarperCollins. Illustrations by Arthur Filloy. View an illustration of Tracey's stretching machine.

Tracey McBean and the Stretching Machine. Published 2002 by ABC Books.

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